Microsoft SharePoint hosting is an easy and reasonably-priced way to organise, collaborate and share more efficiently. This blogpost will let you know what SharePoint can do and why you should be using it.

SharePoint can be used by businesses for many purposes. Here’s a list of some of its most common uses.

Team Website – perfectly suited for any company which requires group collaboration.

Project Management – SharePoint sites can be created for any type of project and help to manage them better.

Business Search Engine – can organise documents so that employees are able to efficiently find documents, users, conversations and announcements.

Intra/Extra/Internet – SharePoint allows you to communicate internal information using an intranet website, enable access to external users with an extranet and has a customer-facing content management system for your main website.

Document Management – Document Libraries are fully integrated with all Microsoft Office programs.

Now, why should your organisation choose SharePoint hosting? Here’s a list of 5 benefits to using a hosted SharePoint:

1. Improved Team Productivity

Give your team members the tools the need to succeed with team workspaces, co-ordinated calendars, documents, announcement and alerts. Offline synchronisation functions also allow users to stay in the loop while mobile.

2. Guaranteed Information Security

Even when documents are saved in the Cloud, their integrity is ensured. SharePoint provides multiple security options including the option to require users to checkout documents before editing, set document/item-level security and to give you the ability to view changes and restore to previous versions if you wish.

3. User Interface

SharePoint’s interface has enhanced views and simplified menus for ultimate ease of use. It also features full integration with the Microsoft Office system so you can use Word, Excel, etc. within your SharePoint.

4. Customised Solutions

Application templates let businesses build functions for specific processes and tasks.

5. Better Use of Information

SharePoint’s user-friendly search tool means that users can find existing files on a chosen topic in seconds. It also allows you to share information with colleagues quickly and easily.